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Missed Opportunities or New Beginnings?

Posted on 20 December, 2015 at 18:45 Comments comments (0)

On Sunday 13th December I posted some thoughts about missed opportunities on my Facebook page. I keep going back to this post so I have decided I need to explore this idea a bit more.

On that Sunday I had a chance to reach out to someone but something held me back. I guess it was fear but was it something more? I usually set fairly high expectations for myself so any missed opportunities (perceived or real) seem like a big deal to me. Especially when the missed opportunity is an important one, one that I'd prayed and hoped for. And then when the opportunity missed became more than one, I lost confidence, faltered and wondered why the hell I even entertained the thought of going for what I want in the first place. It now seems like the time for grabbing that opportunity is lost. And i'm so very disappointed in myself.

Can I change these feelings into something positive? Yes, I can and here's how.

Firstly, I remind myself that maybe Divine timing is at play. Maybe it's just not meant to be right now. Maybe God or the angels are working behind the scenes to get me or my circumstances perfectly aligned and when the time is right, I will grab that opportunity with both hands and not let go. And I believe that I will know without a doubt when it is the right time. I suppose, if I was being really honest right now, it isn't the exact right time at the moment. Circumstances probably are a little complicated (what an understatement) but who knows what the future holds? Right?

This is also the perfect place to throw in some positivity, faith and trust in Divine guidance or intervention -

"I now trust that God will send the perfect opportunity for me when His plans are all in place. I trust in Divine planning and timing. I now recognise every opportunity that comes to me."

An affirmation like this becomes part of my daily routine, reminds me that I have the loving support of God and that I am never alone in any situation.

On the Sunday I wrote the Facebook post, I opened up my 2016 Create Your Shining Year Planner (by Leonie Dawson) and this quote was staring at me "You never feel ready. You never, ever feel ready. But there comes a point when you have to make the leap". This leads me right into the next step for changing my outlook on the situation - Find a way to take the leap. 

This involves setting some new and exciting goals that get me back on the right path towards accepting new opportunities. This is such an amazing process to go through. Setting inspiring goals is immediately uplifting. The first goal I set for myself was so simple but meant so much in so many ways - 'Be Free!'

Part of being free for me was to be open and honest. I think I've mostly got the honest part but open? Seriously? Me? Completely open and honest, as in almost transparent? Ok, that in itself was overwhelmingly scary. Let's just say I'm still working on this. For me, saying what I want openly and honestly is challenging. So I'm writing openly and honestly instead and in writing I found the first way to take the leap. And hey, it's working for me. Maybe, just maybe, I'll get another chance to grab the next beautiful opportunity that comes my way after all!

That's the next part - take action. Be creative and find a way to take action that works for you. Create a new beginning or new opportunity and grab it with both hands. Just remember to keep taking steps in the right direction because every little step will get you closer to where you want to go.

Think big, think bold and just take that leap.

I might never, ever be truly ready but I am taking the leap, in my own way.

Today, I believe it's better to have courage and try than live in fear and never make the attempt.

Be bold and be brave, today and always.

With Blessings of love & light


My Sweet Angel

Success to me is....

Posted on 7 December, 2015 at 19:00 Comments comments (0)

Last Sunday I held a Christmas party to sell my angel cards and crystals but also to launch a little project that I have had ready to go since last January. Usually when I hold any kind of event, even just a party with my friends, I get a bit anxious. I worry about everything - Is my house clean enough? Are the decorations perfect? Will everyone show up? Will my guests have a great time? On Sunday I had no anxiety, no nerves just peace and inner calm. I was hoping that a lot of people came to this event but somehow I knew that it didn't really matter how many people turned up. I just knew that this event was worthwhile whether I had 5 people or 50 people. And it was worthwhile. I'm not talking in dollars and cents. I'm talking about what the afternoon meant to me and to all the lovely friends and family that shared it with me.

I realised on Sunday that my definition of 'success' has changed. It has really changed. On Sunday everyone who attended was relaxed, calm and happy. Every one of us clicked and enjoyed each other's company, we enjoyed a shared sense of positivity and connection. It got me thinking about why this particular event was so different to any other I have previously held. I think the most important difference was that I was finally doing what I was called to do. I had found a way to fulfil my life purpose of serving and giving back. On Sunday, I had finally discovered the confidence to share my knowledge and passion with others. It all just felt right and I was rewarded with gratitude from every person who attended which meant more to me than money ever could.

Growing up, I used to think success meant becoming famous or at least very well known, being financially secure or a having a really great job. All of these things do mean success but they are no longer the only measure of success to me. I now define 'success' as so much more. It is also the little things like:

Feeling gratitude that I have touched a person's heart in some small way,

Giving hope and inspiring people and most importantly,

Success can be invisible to all but yourself.

It can be a feeling deep within your heart, an inner glow of knowing that you are on the right path and have made a positive difference to someone's life. Even touching one person's heart, one person's life, now means success to me. I have also discovered that every success, no matter how small needs to be celebrated. Every tiny success counts for so much and I am now grateful for every step in the right direction. I want to share this feeling of success with you.

Today, I bless you with the ability to discover what 'success' means to you. I wish you love, inner peace and every success, today and always.

It's Not Perfect...

Posted on 6 May, 2015 at 6:35 Comments comments (0)

Welcome to the first blog post for My Sweet Angel.

Planning my website has taken me so long but I have finally got it up and running. The process has been a little stressful but so worth putting all that effort in.

At the beginning of this process I thought I knew exactly what was going to be in the site but as I started to write, I realised that my plan wasn't flowing. It took me many months to figure out what I wanted to say and what I wanted to show people. What I worked out was that I get this automatic blocking system that springs up when I know someone is going to see or hear my work. My confidence goes down and my anxiety shoots up. Words elude me and I get a bit confused. Not a great place to be. And to make matters worse, I start to panic. I panic about things like the money I'm wasting on a website that I'm not using. I panic that I'm letting others down because I can't show them what I've been talking about for so long. Then I get upset that I'm letting myself down by not being 'perfect' or having everything perfectly under control. Wow, all that pressure! Crazy! But why?

I think I have the answer. The panic and stress is created when I tell myself that I have to do something and I have to do it by a certain date and that is has to be PERFECT! Here is what I think. This self-created drama is the result of me holding on too tightly and trying to be in control of everything. I have figured out that when I hold on too tightly my mind, body and spirit shut down. That's it. The shop is closed. The lights are on but nobody is home! Trying to control everything is exhausting and overwhelming. When I finally worked this out, when I finally let go and gave up the need for complete control, something amazing happened. Yes, I gave myself a rest, thankfully but that's not quite what I'm talking about. The amazing thing was that my mind cleared and I felt stronger in body and spirit. I could think straight. I could write. I wasn't as tired. I could really hear my own voice, my intuition and my angels. I could hear what others around me were saying. It was all clear and strong. Everything seemed to flow again and I felt stronger and calmer. I was able to take a deep breath and try again. So I did.

The results of stepping back and taking the pressure off can be seen in this website. The words you are reading just flowed, my thoughts were clear, sometimes intuitive and I knew exactly what I was doing. It may not be 'perfect' but I'm happy with it. In the last 2 days I have achieved more than I did in the last 5 months. And not one hiccup. No lost files or pages of text lost forever in cyber space. No having to remember what I had just written and lost. In the last 2 days it all just flowed easily and I knew I was on the right track. I actually stepped back and gave myself a break. I treated myself kindly, with respect, encouragement and support. For this I was rewarded with a great sense of achievement  and love for what I have created.

I think this has all been my lesson, what the entire process of creating my website has been about. This kindness, love and sense of achievement was my reward and this reward is what I want to share with you. None of us need to be perfect or even perfectly in control. What we need, especially from ourselves, is love, kindness and respect. We need encouragement and support and this all needs to come from within. My wish is that the lesson I have learnt and any others I learn on my journey, can be gifts that I pass on to you. Gifts to inspire, motivate, encourage and support you.

I truly hope that I can share the love, strength and healing I experience with you too.

May you be blessed today with kindness and respect.

With love

My Sweet Angel - Tracey Daaboul